The entertainment complex “Gamtos Perlas” offers a unique experience with animals. Educational activities for children, horse riding and summer camps.

Mini zoo

The Mini Zoo features Lithuanian forest animals such as wolves, lynx and bison. It is also home to Laima, a bear cub. Many visitors are surprised by the colourful bird collection, which includes peacocks and pheasants, ostriches and ornamental chickens. Children are equally fascinated by the other inhabitants of our mini zoo—horses, ponies, llamas, sheep, goats and donkeys! “Gamtos Perlas” Zoo is the joy of exploring nature!

Museum of hunting trophies

At the Hunting Trophy Museum you can see a life-size giraffe and elephant, and get up close to lions, rhino, crocodile and many other exotic animals. It is a unique museum with a rich and varied collection of animals hunted in ten countries around the world.  “Hunting each animal is a separate story with its own events and impressions, and some of them are even very extreme, requiring a lot of endurance, patience and preparation,” says Antanas Bosas, an expert in selective hunting and the founder of the trophy museum.

A visit to this museum is a lesson about exotic animals for the little ones.


For those who want to have a closer look at the animals, we offer a jeep safari where you can feed and pet fallow deer and deer by hand. You will also meet Highland bulls. Safaris are a chance to take a very close look at animals we usually only see from afar!